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Employee Benefits Education

Help maximize your organization's investment in employee benefits

Are you and your employees getting everything you can from your organization's employee benefits plan? With Waddell & Reed financial planning, education and retirement plan services you can help make sure you are. These services from one of the nation's oldest personal financial planning companies can be:

Cost-effective to you and your employees. In fact, you may create additional benefits from reduced turnover and enhanced employee morale, productivity and good will.

Easy to incorporate into your current benefits approach. As a personal financial advisor with Waddell & Reed, I can tailor educational programs to cover your organization's full range of benefits: why they're advantageous, how they work and how the benefits you offer can be combined by each individual employee into a personal plan that could help ensure a more independent financial future.

Beneficial to you and your employees by providing investment-related educational information to your employees, required in certain retirement plans and applicable to all plans. And, if you would like to improve your existing retirement plan, or if you do not have a retirement plan at all, Waddell & Reed can assist you by evaluating and finding solutions to your retirement plan needs.

Please contact Vincent Montenegro, CFP® if you have any questions about Waddell & Reed or the range of financial products and services we provide.